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True to her favourite motto “Carpe Diem”, Francesca Fossati is great at seizing the moment: she did it a long time ago, when Alifood was at the very beginning, and she stayed with us for almost ten years. She did it again in 2014 when she joined our company for the second time, after other important work experiences. She keeps doing it every day now, bringing into her daily routine the remarkable capacity of always identifying the best option.

Francesca is our Logistics Department Specialist: she is in charge of selecting and managing the best logistics solutions for all our shipments. Considering that our goal is to offer a perfect service at the cheapest price available, she works hard every day in order to strike the perfect balance between our clients’ needs and allocated budgets.

Her thirty years’ experience in the import/export industry, together with her diploma in business consultancy and foreign languages, help her manage her hectic work days with the utmost professionalism. Precise and well-organized, Francesca usually starts her day by checking all her emails in order to provide a timely response to all the clients she deals with. Then she moves on to arranging all the shipments that – according to different needs and destinations – can either be road, sea or air freights. She is in charge of managing the entire process from quotations and bookings to tracking and invoicing. Thanks to her problem solving attitude, she always finds effective solutions to any complication that may occur.

Her ability in selecting the most cost-efficient options is very much appreciated by our clients as much as her fluency in English and her working knowledge of French and German. Very fond of travelling and a true music lover, Francesca has recently started a course to learn Japanese.

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About Alifood

About Alifood

We strongly believe that everything we plan and do should create value, for both our clients and suppliers. We do not see ourselves as mere food traders.

The sale of the products we select is just the last step of a complex, structured process that is based on strong business relationships and, in many cases, real partnerships. Our job is made of several functions: sourcing the right product, selecting a reliable producer, managing the entire logistics chain, providing all the necessary documentation and certifications and following up all the after-sale requirements besides consulting and tutoring on how to best use each single product. We do all this because we strongly believe that everything we plan and do should create value, for both our clients and suppliers. Our familiarity with the Italian food an agricultural industry, developed over the last twenty years, gives us the ability to efficiently deal with all the diverse needs pertaining to different markets.

Thanks to our experienced, professional and multilingual global working team, matching international demand and local supply is what we do best.

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