Italian Spumante: the star of export 2015

12/04/2016 italian spumante export

In 2015 Italian spumante increased the export of 17%, with 373 million of bottles and a turnover of 2,573 billion euro. Italian spumante export has been also increasing in value of consume of 14% in 90 countries. The main consumers of Italian spumante remain stable the Europeans countries with the 65% of turnover. Spumante export is focused on three principle countries: 34% in United Kingdom, 19% United States and 18% in Germany. United Kingdom is the first importer country with 100 million of bottles.

Prosecco: the big star of Italian Spumante export

288 million of exported Spumante bottles are Prosecco from Venetian region, with a value of 800 billion euro. Today, Prosecco is not just a typical large-scale retail trade product, but it is a special product also for pub, restaurants and private club.

Also France confirmed the love for Prosecco with 1,1 million bottles in 2015, which are the 10% of all imported sparkling wines.

In the last 5 years, Prosecco DOC is grown up of 21% every year becoming the first brand of sparkling wine in the world, surpassing also the Sekt. So, in 2015 Italy was the first producer of spumante with 23% of market and the first exporter country of sparkling wine.


Here, the infographic with all data of Italian Spumante export 2015





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