Food innovation: why Italian food is the best sector to fund a start-ups

17/11/2016 Italian food innovation


Italian food is loved all around the world: pasta, pizza and Italian ice cream (gelato) are the among Italian food products that are famous worldwide. Because of those who are behind the “Made in Italy” cause, many entrepreneurs have been able to build successful businesses. Below are some examples of the most Avant-guard business types that have been very successful in the past year.


Home delivered food and carry-out services: a 400 million Euro turnover

According to the latest data, food businesses that offered carry-out had a 400-million-euro turnover last year. Start-ups such as Foodora, Moovenda and Foodinho are direct proof that these numbers are real. Carry-out gives people the convince of being able to try different kinds of food from different places right in the comfort of their own home either with friends or alone. You can currently choose between slow food or fast food, junk food or healthier alternatives, ethic or local.. in a nutshell, it caters (non pun intended) to a person’s or family’s culinary preferences. Every region, and in some regions every city, has its own food delivery business startup.


3D printed Food

The first 3D printed food lab, L’Officucina, was founded in the Emilia Romagna region. This innovative company created a hybrid kitchen and lab where they’ve already been able to print chocolate bars, pumpkin filled tortellini and “pasta e fagioli “(an Italian staple food made with pasta and beans). The laboratory is a part of a Food Innovation Program, a master’s degree education program that is dedicated to food innovation and experimentation. It’s promoted by a several educational institutions including: The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the Future Food Institute of Bologna (FFI) and the Institute for the Future of Palo Alto (IFTF).


Food and e-commerce

Food innovation is also a new way to export the “Made in Italy” label abroad. Foreigners love Italian food and they love it even more when they can eat it at home.

The proof is in the pasta:

  • In Montenegro, 76% of all carry-out orders are of Italian food
  • In Poland, 36% of all food deliveries are of Italian food
  • In Georgia (the country), 45% of the population chooses to use Made in Italy foods products when preparing home cooked meals

A good example of a food and e-commerce business is the Italian start-up known as Eattiamo, they have a website that offers selection of locally produced foods. In just the first year of business, Eattiamo has made over 1500 deliveries to Scotland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium and England.

If you are interested in food and business innovation, you can also read the article titled “The fast rising future of online bakeries”.





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