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Cibus 2024: A resounding success and a model for future food fairs


Cibus 2024, held from May 7-10 in Parma, Italy, has been hailed as a resounding success by organisers, exhibitors, and visitors alike. Recognized as the world’s largest event dedicated to Italian food and beverages, the fair attracted over 80,000 buyers from 180 countries. Attendees were treated to an array of the latest products from more than 6,000 exhibitors, showcasing the diverse culinary offerings from every region of Italy and across all sectors of the food and beverage industry.

The fair saw a significant increase in the number of Italian buyers, a promising sign for the domestic market, reflecting growing demand for high-quality food and beverage products within Italy. This upswing in local interest underscores the vitality of the Italian economy and its burgeoning appetite for premium domestic goods.

Cibus 2024 was not just a showcase of products but also a hub for industry dialogue and innovation. The fair hosted several key industry events, including the Cibus Innovation Awards and the International Forum on Food and Beverage. These events provided invaluable opportunities for industry leaders to engage with emerging trends and address contemporary challenges within the sector. Innovation took centre stage, with new technologies and sustainable practices redefining how we produce, distribute, and consume food. The success of Cibus 2024 suggests that there is a strong demand for food fairs that are well-organized, international in scope, and offer a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and innovations.

Italy is well-positioned to host future food fairs that meet these criteria. The country has a rich culinary heritage, a strong food and beverage industry, and a well-developed infrastructure for hosting events. In addition, Italy is a popular tourist destination, which means that food fairs held in the country will have a captive audience of potential visitors.

One possible model for future food fairs is to take inspiration from the fashion and furniture industries. These industries are known for their biannual events, such as Milan Fashion Week and the Salone del Mobile, which attract visitors from all over the world. These events are not only trade shows, but also major cultural events that generate significant media attention.

A food fair that is modelled after these events could be a major draw for both trade and consumer visitors. It could feature fashion shows of food-themed clothing, cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs, and even art installations inspired by food. 

Cibus 2024’s success is a testament to the resilience and innovative spirit of the Italian food and beverage industry. It highlighted the industry’s ability to adapt to evolving consumer trends and showcased new technologies and sustainable practices that are reshaping food production, distribution, and consumption. The event encapsulated the essence of Italy—passion, tradition, innovation, and collaboration. As attendees leave with lasting impressions of Italy’s culinary delights, the Italian food industry continues to flourish, driven by its rich heritage and forward-looking vision.

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